How Community-Led Healthcare Is Helping People Around the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

By Shruti Saman, Project Coordinator Jan Swasthya Sahyog and Dr. Anup Agarwal, HEAL Fellow 2017 – 2019. Originally published in The Wire


Dharamsingh (name changed) from Davanpur, near Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, about 170 km north of Raipur, in rural Chhattisgarh, narrates his experience of starting on anti-hypertensive medications. He talks about how the healthcare worker in his village measured his blood pressure on multiple occasions, and which was always high. While she always advised him to consult a doctor, he never experienced any symptoms and ignored her suggestion.

One unfortunate morning, while working in his cycle shop, Dharamsingh felt weak in one arm and a leg, and his face started to paralyse. He was experiencing a stroke.