Core Competency 6: Health Equity and Ethics


  • Apply the framework of structural violence to understand and analyze the historical, social, and political context of global health inequalities
  • Explain the historical and current role of global health actors, including types of global health partnerships and programs.
  • Recognize the contribution of structural violence in creating and sustaining ill health within your patient population
  • Analyze your health system from an equity perspective
  • Demonstrate increased recognition of ethical issues involved in global health work
  • Identify strategies for dealing with these ethical issues as they arise
  • Apply principles of health equity and social justice to determine a course of action in ethically challenging situations
  • Ensure the ethical and responsible conduct of quality improvement work in the design, implementation and dissemination of global health research.
  • Involve your local colleagues in every aspect of program or project development, including any publications or presentations.
  • Describe the responsibilities of academic centers and US based clinicians in adequately preparing for global health work in communities that are not their own.
  • Establish regular and transparent communication with your colleagues, in which partners are encouraged to voice their own objectives, challenges, and feedback
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