Who is eligible to apply?

Rotating Fellow physician applicants must have completed (or be in the final year of) residency at an accredited, US-based institution and be US citizens or permanent residents.

I am not a US Citizen, can I still apply to HEAL?

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) regulations prohibit non-US citizens to receive visa sponsorship from UCSF while working at partner sites not directly associated with UCSF. Despite this, HEAL deeply values the commitment of those who have chosen to leave their home country to train in the United States and their great potential to positively impact the lives of their patients wherever they serve. It is our hope to explore ways within the HEAL model to provide training opportunities for these individuals in the future.

What is the difference between a Rotating Fellow and a Site Fellow?

Rotating Fellows are US-trained and licensed physicians who will rotate between both domestic and international partner sites each year of the fellowship. Site Fellows are already employed at partner sites and are nominated by the partner site. Collectively, both Rotating Fellows and Site Fellows are considered part of one fellowship class.

If I’m not a physician, can I still apply to be a Rotating HEAL fellow?

Unfortunately, HEAL will only be recruiting physicians for the Rotating Fellow role for the 2019-2021 cohort.

I am a physician and I have completed my COMLEX exams instead of the USMLE? Can I still apply?

Yes, the COMLEX equivalent of the USMLE qualifies.

Is there a language requirement?

For Rotating Fellows, previous language experience is taken into account when determining an appropriate match for certain partner sites, but it is not required for admission into the program. Specific international sites may have a language requirement. Fellowships with language requirements or preferences will be indicated on the application page.

Should I submit letters of recommendation as part of my application?

No. We will be contacting the three references submitted in your application and therefore will not be requiring separate letters of recommendation.  However, please do list only references that know you very well.

When is the application deadline? When should I expect to hear back by?

For the 2019-2021 Cohort, we will have a rolling application between September and December 2018. Fellowship positions will remain open until filled. The Priority Application Deadline is 15 September 2018. Applications will be reviewed and interviews take place from September – December.

How long is the commitment for HEAL Initiative fellows?

The HEAL Initiative is a two-year, full-time commitment that begins in July 2019.

When is the HEAL Initiative Global Health Training?

The two-week training will be held at the start of the program, which will be July 2019 for fellows in the 2019-2021 cohort.

Can I choose which partner site to work in?

Yes. When you apply to HEAL you will indicate which positions you are interested in. Applicants will only interview for positions they would seriously consider accepting and fellowship offers will include positions and placement sites.

I have a family at home. Is it still possible for me to do this fellowship?

Yes. We will work with fellows on an individual basis to come up with an arrangement that best suits their situation.

How are HEAL fellows compensated?

Compensation for Rotating  Fellows is based upon a Post Graduate Year 4 (PGY4) salary. Site Fellow compensation is not affected by acceptance into the fellowship.

Will I receive health insurance?

Yes. All Rotating Fellows receive health insurance through the UCSF human resources department.

What type of professional development support is available to Fellows?

All Fellows will have the option of pursuing an online graduate-level degree program. HEAL fully funds 2 pre-approved programs – a MPH from the University of Liverpool or a MSc from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – and fellows are welcome to submit for partial funding of other programs they self-identify.

If I am accepted as a HEAL fellow, do I automatically gain acceptance to a graduate degree program? 

No. Fellows will have to apply separately to graduate-level programs and acceptance is not guaranteed.

What kind work will I be doing?

The type of work – both clinical and programmatic – is determined by the partner site and detailed in the Role Descriptions.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

Please email with any further questions.