To register for the Fellow Network you’ll first receive an email with the url This link will take you to the registration page on the website. On the registration page you will find many profile fields, which you can fill out to build your profile. Some of the fields are required and some are optional. To register fill out your username, email address, name and create a password to start. Then click the button at the bottom of the page titled “Complete Sign Up.”  Clicking that button will bring you to an activation page and let you know you will receive an activation email. Check your email (and your spam/junk folders if you don’t see the email) for the activation email which will include a link. Click the link in the activation email and it will take you to the “activate your account page” on the Fellow Network.  Click the activate button and you’re all set! Then just click the login link and login in to start using the Fellow Network!

To login to the Fellow Network visit the main HEAL website at . In the upper right menu you’ll see a “Log in” tab. Click this tab and you will be taken to the Fellow Network log in page. Use the email address you registered with as well as the password you created to log in.  To log out of the Fellow Network go to the Profile tab on the Fellow Network and scroll down to select log out. 

To update your profile from the main page of the Fellow Network click on the profile tab in the top right corner of the menu. This will then take you to your profile. Select edit to fill in or change any of the profile fields. You may fill out as many or as little of these fields as you want, but keep in mind this is how people will be able to find you and connect with you. You can also change the visibility of each profile field. For example, at the end of the possible list of interests you can click the change link after “This field may be seen by: Everyone” and instead select “only me”. Again keep in mind, selecting only me will mean you won’t be able to be searched by your interests. After you make all the changes you want to your profile click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 

First select “Profile” from the top right menu. This will take you to your personal profile. Then select “Change profile photo” and either dragging and dropping or uploading your photo. You can also do the same for your cover image by selecting the “Change cover image” and following the same steps. 

On the main page of the Fellow Network you will see a list of Groups.  Click on the group you would like to join and that will bring you to the group’s page. On the group’s page you can select the button “Join Group.” Now you are all set to post in the group’s forum and participate in group discussions.  

One way to engage with groups is to post in their forums. In order to post in a group’s forum you’ll first have the join the group. Then you can post a topic title as well as the body of the first post. Or you can post in any of the existing topics/discussions by selecting the topic title and then posting into the body of that topic/discussion. There are different kinds of content you can put into the forum. You can upload text, links, pictures, embed videos, etc. You can also add files by using the attachment button at the bottom of the topic discussion and click browse to choose the file you would like to share on the topic. 

One way you can connect with people on the Fellow Network is by using the search bar on the main page. Using this bar you can search for others by interests or areas of expertise or other defining characteristics someone may have filled out such as their location or fellowship site(s).  Once you’ve identified someone you want to connect with you can click on their profile and use Private Message button to send them a message. 

By going to settings under your profile there are many account setting you can change including your account email or password.

How to Register