Relating to July Training and Bootcamp

Is there a place to store all my stuff during July?
HEAL fellows are on their own to find storage for the month of July. We recommend communicating amongst yourselves and renting a shared storage locker.What July expenses are covered by HEAL?
Housing from 7/5 through night of 7/24
Transportation during weeks 1 & 3
37 Meals (all meals except lunch & dinner during UCSF week, meals during time off)What expenses should I anticipate for July (what is NOT covered by HEAL)?
Transportation to/from San Francisco for training
Transportation around city during UCSF week
21 Meals (lunch & dinner during UCSF week, meals during time off)
Any food, housing, transportation for family or significant others
Personal expensesWhat should I be sure to bring to the July training?
Clothes for both extremely hot and cold weather (Bay Area temps in July typically range from 50-100 degrees)
Twin sheet, pillowcase

What should I be doing now to prepare for July and beyond (besides prepping logistics)?
Read up on your site, historical context, etc (background readings to come)
Study the language of your site (even basic phrases can go a long way!)

Relating to Partner Sites

Where are my fellow HEALers going to be based?
Please see text doc called “Fellow Info”, which lists everyone’s site assignments and email addresses.

What do the pods look like?
Pods are groups of HEAL fellows that communicate and collaborate around site-related activities and mentorship. You may be assigned into a couple different “pods” based on your international and domestic cohorts. Each pod is assigned a UCSF faculty mentor who will be your main faculty resource during the 2 year fellowship.

How do flight reimbursements to/from my site work?
Flights to and from international sites will be covered by HEAL. However, this is limited to one flight from the US to your international site and one flight back per 6 month rotation. Travel around the states or during vacation time, etc., will not be covered.

We expect you to book your flight at least one month prior to travel. We have calculated estimated costs and set a reimbursement cap for each itinerary (based on round trip flights to/from Albuquerque, NM). When you purchase your ticket, please send your receipt and itinerary to both HEAL admin and your partner site. Your partner organization will then reimburse you up to the reimbursement cap. Any amount above that cap must be paid out of pocket. Please contact us if you feel the caps do not accurately reflect the cost of the flight and we will reevaluate. 

In-country travel to/from the airport should be reimbursed by your international partner organization.


Relating to Specific IHS Sites

Are the transportation costs to/from my IHS site covered?
Flights to/from ABQ will be reimbursed by HEAL, as long as you stay within the reimbursement cap (refer to question above). However, transportation from the airport to your IHS site will NOT be covered. You will need to rent a car or find other form of transportation, the cost of which will be paid out of pocket.

How is housing at IHS working?
Housing will be provided by your IHS site (or HEAL, in the case of Gallup). The cost of rent is covered by HEAL for the most basic housing arrangements (less basic options will require some out of pocket costs). The details for housing options and logistics differs for each site. For those of you who have not heard directly from your IHS sites about housing, we will have more details for you after we visit the sites in early May.

How do I get a federal DEA license?
You may apply for a federal DEA license through your IHS institution.

Do I need a medical license from a specific state if working in Navajo Nation?
No. Any state medical license will do.

I am serving in Navajo Nation in the fall. What is my start date?
August 1st. If for whatever reason you cannot start on August 1st, you MUST let your IHS site know and work with them to come to an official agreement. 

You must also get permission from your site for any other days you plan on taking off (for taking boards, attending conferences, going on vacation, etc). Please let them know these dates as soon as possible prior to starting work.

Relating to International Sites

I’m going abroad in fall. For what dates should I book my flight?
You may book a flight any time after July 24th. You may work with your partner site to decide on an acceptable start date. However, all fellows must be on site by August 10th unless you have talked with us and your partner site and received permission for a later start date.

For your return trip, please book your flight for Jan 15 (plus or minus a few days), as your start date at IHS is Feb 1, and we want to make sure you have enough time to get settled and pick up the shift from your co-fellow.
Who should I talk to get information about housing, visas, medical licensure, and other in-country logistics?
Please communicate with your partner site for this info. If you still have questions, please contact Brett.