“What if We Made Health Care Proactive?”

Ari Johnson, currently a resident physician at the University of California, San Francisco has recently been featured in an article by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ari has been noted for his research in the fields of infectious disease,…

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“PIH Doctor Helps Train Next Generation of Haitian Physicians”

Dr. Michelle Morse, MD MPH has recently been receiving notoriety amongst the global health community for her exemplary efforts in Haiti. She is the co-founder of Physicians for Haiti, an NGO that aims to improve the quality of medical education…

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Physicians Joining the Global Health Initiative

Ryan Greysen & Phuoc Le, members of the Global Health Core at UCSF, were recently featured in the “Human Capital Blog” by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Ryan Greysen, MD, MHS, is an Assistant Clinical Professor conducting research incorporating technology…

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Medicine is Universal

“Medicine is universal.”      This is a phrase that Dr. Pierre, one of my Haitian colleagues here in Hinche, uses frequently. What he means is that medical conditions and the treatments they require do not actually differ between a low…

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“Last Mile Health: Training Rural Liberians To Save Lives”

Raj Panjabi is the current CEO of Last Mile Health, an organization whose mission is to provide healthcare and equity to the people of Liberia. Last Mile Health is an organization that the Global Health Core works very closely with…

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