Dr. Jean Bosco: Making Sense of Suffering

“We come here to learn but the problem with us is whatever circumstances we do experience, we judge it, we take it as bad or as good but we don’t take it as an opportunity to learn and discover who we really are. We are peace. We are light. We are love.”
                          ~Dr. Jean Bosco 

Fourteen hours outside of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, Dr. Jean Bosco Niyonzima works tirelessly to build health systems and provide health care to some of the poorest people on the planet. Originally from a rural village in Rwanda,   Dr. Bosco was twenty years old when the genocide in his country in 1994 took the lives of almost one million people in just 90 days. (more…)

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Through the eyes of a Rwandan doctor

I worked with a Rwandan doctor in Liberia recently. Partners in Health (PIH) has sent trained Haitian doctors to Rwanda, and trained them to train health professionals in Liberia. It is a South-South capacity building attempt that is inspiring. I met a Rwandan doctor, who was around college age at the time of the genocide in Rwanda. He said he just kept having this thought in his mind “How is genocide possible? How is it possible?” He was suffering to wrap his mind around how his fellow country men could commit such heinous crimes. He searched everywhere for answers, he wanted existential answers and joined a seminary. (more…)

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