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HEAL has launched our 2016 End of Year

Crowdfunding Campaign!

Past contributions and support have brought us so far, yet we must go further and deeper.   This year will see us expand our work to rural Alaska, Rikers Island Prison, Central California and deepen our work in 7 countries internationally. Nearly 70 HEAL fellows will lead the charge.  Your support will help us struggle harder for health equity. This moment demands it of us.

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Application Deadline for the 2017 – 2019 HEAL Initiative Cohort has been extended for Emergency Medicine & Anesthesiology!
Join inspiring fellows from around the world who’ve chosen to make serving the poorest of the poor a first career choice.

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Alleviating needless suffering through the training of a health workforce, at home and abroad.

Many of the leading causes of death – such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer – in resource-poor countries today are preventable and/or treatable, and have been for decades. Additionally, as the world develops and changes, the medical paradigm has shifted; rather than responding primarily to humanitarian emergencies and infectious diseases, health care providers must now also focus on managing chronic illnesses and creating sustainable health systems. To consistently deliver care to those in need, we must transform our view of global health.     

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The HEAL Initiative aims to address this significant gap with the following actions:

  • Enhance the skill sets of health professionals in the United States and abroad so they can improve care in resource-poor settings
  • Enhance the skill sets of local health professionals through structured and unstructured medical and nursing education, including training in quality improvement
  • Strengthen the capacity of the entire health system through long term relationships between UCSF and our partner organizations on the ground

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