“A Haitian Boy’s Needless Death From Diabetes”

Joia Mukherjee (from PIH), Palav Babaria and Sriram Shamasunder (both from Global Health Core).

The Global Health Core’s very own, Palav Babaria, was recently featured in The New York Times in an opinion piece on the challenges often faced in treating Diabetes in Haiti.

Palav, who now works as a primary care physician at Oakland’s Highland Hospital, was once apart of UCSF, and our Global Health Core, as a Global Health Hospital Medicine Fellow (2012-2013). (more…)

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Specialty Care is Fundamental

When I first saw her in the emergency department, she didn’t look like a child with recent onset blindness who we were told would arrive that day.  Her uncontrolled, bobbing head, wildly darting eye movements, and wobbly gait implied there was a broader explanation for her problems, and her constant tears made it clear that she was miserable. For almost a month, she had difficulty seeing and walking, and she arrived the Partners in Health’s (PIH) tertiary referral hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti after winding through a stream of doctors visits, email referrals, car rides, and brain scans.  Upon seeing her uncoordinated attempts at standing, my mind replayed a recent conversation with a pediatric neurologist: “If you see any kids there with chorea, it’s probably Sydenham’s.” (more…)

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“Woch nan dlo pa konnen doule woch nan soley.”

“The stone in the water does not know the pain of the stone in the sun.” -Haitian Proverb

Approximately 1300 days have passed since an earthquake leveled (more…)

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